Collagen is one the most important structural elements within our skin. It is one of the proteins that give our skin its smooth, soft contour. Loss or breakdown of our normal collagen disrupts the smooth contour of our skin creating lines, wrinkles, pits and scars.

Today many products exist that are used to fill in those lines, folds, wrinkles and scars, restoring that smooth youthful appearance.

Using a micro-fine needle, a filler substance is injected directly into the fold or scar. The previously lost collagen and ground substance are now replaced with a safe natural material. Virtually any line, wrinkle or fold can be filled.

When injected into the lip these substances create volume and definition. They can restore natural contours or can be used for lip enhancement to create a dramatic sensuous look.

A thorough consultation is necessary to determine which filler substance is right for you.

If you would like to restore that smooth youthful appearance fine by filling in facial lines and wrinkles, acne pits and scars, or even by enhancing the looks of your lips, set up your personal consultation today.